Saturday, 17 March 2012

Project 1 - Stage 2: Exercise 1

Making Marks In An Expressive Way
Using a variety of pencils, from 2H to 8B, I made marks to represent various words.

I really enjoyed this exercise.  Although a lot of the marks are very similar there is a wide variety of tones and shapes.  I found that the word I was trying to interpret made me hold my pencil in a particular way, and the amount of pressure I used to produce the marks was different for each word.  Drawing is not my strong point but I found the mark making much easier, no pressure to produce something recognisable!  My friend pointed out that as I could make the marks I should then be able to apply them to a drawing.

Having worked in the cut out shape, I felt that everything was getting a bit too neat and tidy, so just did a page of scribbles and doodles.

These marks are all made with a graphite stick.  I haven't used a graphite stick before but I enjoyed using it, I found it very smooth and free flowing on the cartridge paper.

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