Saturday, 17 March 2012

Project 1 - Stage 2: Exercise 3

Exercise 3 involved repeating exercise 1 using a wide variety of colouring materials.  I tried to use as many different techniques as possible.

After uploading a number of images, I have realised that it is better to work landscape in my sketchbook.  So they are going to be a bit mixed up to start with but any new pages will be landscape.

I am loving the fact that everything I have collected over the years is now being used - this is very satisfying.  In the past I have liked using the gel pen and the ink and coloured pencil for drawing.  However, having tried all the different mediums available - I found the block paints lovely to work with, they can be used thickly or like watercolours, they don't smudge or run, and once dry can be painted over.  I like the soft pastels but again they are messy but can be smudged and drawn over like the charcoal.  I also tried out a lot different papers.

I then collected all sorts of different papers and tried out as many different techniques as possible.

Again, the squares were getting a bit neat and tidy so decided to try a page of doodles using a charcoal stick.
I like using the charcoal stick, it is very messy but produces very satisfying marks.

I tried a selection of marks and used three different medium to compare the results.  The first row is made using a charcoal stick, the middle line is made using a fineliner felt pen and the bottom row using a graphite stick.  I really like the charcoal and the graphite, they make a lot of mess, but the range of marks and tones that can be achieved is great.

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