Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Research Point - Oriel Ynys Mon

I went for a quick visit to Oriel Ynys Mon in Llangefni on Anglesey.  The piece I was most drawn to was "Angles on the Washing Line" by David Jones.

The artist was asked to create a piece to fill this particular space.  He was inspired by memories of his grandmother telling him about heaven and the angels being up in the sky and when he looked up all he could see was his grandmothers washing hanging on the line. All the angels are created in mdf and scrap timber and painted with acrylics.  

I really like these installation pieces that are created by repeating a lot of similar images.  I find this quite a joyous piece, very simple and brightly coloured and I can image the small boy looking up and imagining angels created from his granny's washing.

Link to the artists website http://www.davidjonesartist.com/

Collinette Wool Shop

I spent a fantastic morning in the most fabulous woolshop which I have just discovered about half an hour from where I live.  It sells the loveliest range of colours and yarns I have ever seen and creates very original patterns for the home and fashion.

I hadn't really known what to expect, but enjoyed a thoroughly enjoyable morning browsing all the colours, yarns and ideas.  They also run felting courses - which I shall be investigating later.  Had to make a few purchases of the most scrummy yarns!

Art Class Wednesday #2

My art classes started off with making paper shapes - folds, curls, circles, joined with tape, glue, staples.

These shapes were then used to make sketches.  I used ink and coloured pencils and pencil.

I then tried photographing the paper shapes using a spotlight to created shadows and shapes.

I then made sketches from these photographs using ink on wet paper.

I didn't have room to store all the paper shapes so I decided to set fire to them and photograph the process.

I then used the burnt curls to photograph again.

A Level Art Show

I attended the A Level art show at the local high school.  It is always a high standard of work and I always enjoy the work of the students.

This pencil drawing has got great depth.

Lovely. really large painting of fruit in the palm of a hand.  The red berries especially are really well done.

This image was so powerful that parts of it had to be covered when younger year groups were attending the exhibition.

I love looking through the sketchbooks, the variety of work and ideas are always very inspirational.

These are two of my favourite pieces.  Both painted by the same person.  I love the spontaneity and flow of the first painting.  Very simple but has a real energy.  The second painting was created from a number of separate images but I love the red hair with the blue striped top.