Friday, 25 January 2013

Experiments With Printing And Painting

Working again from the mosaic image and drawings.

Block Printing
I created a series of block prints by using an oblong eraser, I cut lines into one side and used both sides - one to create a solid colour and the other to create a pattern.  I then created two potato prints - one an oblong and one a swirl.  I tried overprinting the swirl design.  I then tried painting block shapes and overprinting with a swirl pattern (which I made using a piece of stiff card and some sticky foam).

Masks and Stencils
I made a hexagon shape stamp and printed various shades of blue and green blocks.  I then overprinted - using sequin waste as a stencil.  Then created a pattern with paint on the end of a cotton bud.

Hand Painting on Fabric
I have never painted on silk before so this was a real experiment.  I didn't have any white silk so I used a piece of blue silk from my stash.  I wet the silk then used a sponge to apply a yellow colour.  I then made shapes with purple ink using a brush.  I don't think this was successful and the images just blurred and spread out.  I think this would create a very useful coloured background though.

I tried wetting the silk and painting the dye on in stripes, which blurred into each other - I put the piece of fabric on top of the radiator to dry (which was a mistake as the dye pooled on the line of the radiator).

I used the gutta to create hexagon shapes and then just filled in the shapes with various colours of ink.  I enjoyed this technique and would definitely use this again and experiment more.  I do need to practice using the gutta as some of the lines weren't solid and the ink ran.

I then used one of the drawings from the previous project and tried to reproduce the stained glass image.  I think this was much more successful - still needs a lot of practice - the gutta lines again weren't solid - but I like how this has turned out and it is a good start.

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