Saturday, 22 February 2014

Project 7 - Theme Book

I have been thinking about my Theme Book on and off for quite a long time.  I have found it quite difficult to decide on the subject.  I wanted it to be personal to me; something that inspires me often. 

I started with a mind map - based on ME!  I wrote down anything that I could think of that was part of my life.

After looking at all the ideas I decided that my garden features quite heavily in my work and photographs already and as I am outside everyday that this would be the best choice.  I made some notes about ways to develop this theme and a few sketches for ideas for a final piece.

I then looked back through some of the photographs I had taken of my garden.

I had also already used my garden as inspiration in my sketchbooks.

I find all the images inspirational and I could use any of them I think as a starting point, so I had to decide which were my favourites, this was very difficult but in the end I decided on the funghi and blue & white fragments.

I then started to collect fabrics ...

... and resources; threads, yarns, pens, pencils, beads, buttons, inks, crayons and anything else I could find that fitted these images.

I also started a collection of images from magazines, my scrapbooks and the internet that I felt suited the themes I had chosen.

I am happy with the choices I have made for my theme book - FUNGHI & FRAGMENTS.

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