Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Project 1 - Stage 3: Exercise 2

For this exercise I chose to look at four different objects.  The first one was a sea shell.  I made a series of studies using white gel pen on black paper.  I tried not to be too analytical about making it look like a real shell and just concentrated on the shapes and lines.  I like the spiral drawing and the curve going into the shell.  I think the gel pen on the black paper has worked well and has a translucent quality that is similar to the shell.  I also used coloured pencils on the black paper which I also like.  I think the different coloured lines and shapes are very evocative of the shell shape.

The second item I looked at was a snail shell.  I just tried to do really quick sketches and tried not to think to hard about it looking real.  I am not pleased with these at all, they all look a bit flat.

The third object was a leaf skeleton I found in the garden.  This was really difficult to draw.  It was very delicate and fragile and I am not very good at fine detail.  I think the most successful of these sketches is the biro and watercolour wash, but I also like the ink and coloured pencil one at the bottom.

The fourth object I looked at was a dried up corn-husk.  I thought the pattern on this was interesting and tried it out in various media.  I think the coloured pencil and pencil was the most successful.

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