Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Project 2 - Stage 1

Developing Your Marks
Stage 1 - Preparation
Can't wait to get started on the stitching!

I had already made a series of colour bags - although I have accumulated so much stuff that they are colour boxes!  I don't have very much plain cotton in the colours required so I will have to buy some of those and I am going to have to get some new needles, but this is going to have to wait until I get to the shops, so I am just going to make a start with what I have got.

I am going to stick to hand stitching at the moment - I find it easier to just pick it up - wherever I am.

I had already bought a few new coloured threads last week, but as most of my embroidery cottons are very old and left over from other projects, I decided to treat myself to a few different ones this week.  I went to a lovely needlework shop near where I live and had a good look through all the beautiful threads that she stocks and chose a few different kinds - just to see what each was like to work with.

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