Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Project 2 - Stage 2

Exploring Marks And Lines Through Stitch Techniques
I have really enjoyed doing this series of mark making using different stitches.  I chose chain stitch first because that is the easiest.  

With differing pink threads, I tried: 
  • straight lines in different colours
  • detached chain stitch
  • zig zag lines
  • lines of chain stitch in different yarns and threads
  • detached chain stitch in different yarns and threads
  • spiral
  • lines of chain stitch, close together in differing shades, mixed together where the colours joined
  • elongated chains
  • lines of chain stitch coming out of a central point
  • messy chain stitch
I like the detached chain stitch, the shaded sample and the messy chain stitch the most.  I think they all create a really good texture and the shading worked really well by mixing the two joining colours.

Next I tried running stitch, with green threads:
  • lines - close together getting wider apart
  • wavy lines
  • cross hatched
  • box in lines
  • running stitch with cross hatch
  • zig zag lines
  • running stitch in different directions
  • random running stitch to create tone
  • different threads 
  • basket weave type pattern
  • spiral pattern
  • running stitch with gold thread woven through stitches
  • running stitch with messy threads woven through stitches
I like the random running stitch showing tone, I think this could really be used to explore tone in texture.  I like the basket weave and the spiral pattern, but again my favourite is the messy weaving through the running stitch.

Lastly I tried out all the new threads I had bought.  I think this set of examples are the best.  I like all the techniques used here.  I am not very keen on the fabric I have used - I think it is a poly cotton and although it was nice and taut in the hoop, it is now a bit puckered.  I am going to try some cotton poplin next.  I also tried some stem stitch.  I don't usually have a lot of success with this - but I like the way the lines of different colours have worked out - it is like coloured pencil shading.
  • rows of chain stitch in different threads
  • back stitch with side stitches in variegated thread
  • single thread, varying widths apart to show tone
  • single thread in various shades
  • wavy line, chain stitch, grid
  • stem stitch shading
  • running stitch spiral
  • detached chain stitch, messy
  • zig zag back stitch
  • zig zag back stitch, metallic thread
  • lines of loose chain stitch, worked over each other
  • running stitch with messy thread woven through the stitches
  • zig zag running stitch
  • cross hatching
I didn't like working with the metallic thread at all, although I love the metallic effect.  I think all of these examples have worked well.

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