Thursday, 28 November 2013

Analysing Colour, Texture And Proportion

For this exercise I chose three images to work with.  The first is just a fragment of a larger picture.  This is just a strip of flamingo's legs.  I really like the colours.  I used felt pens and graph paper to analyse the colour because I thought that I would be using one of these starting points as the basis for my weaving in the next project. The felt pens didn't have a large enough range to match the colours in the images exactly, but I decided that it would give a simpler more stylized version.  I thought the yarn wraps were a more accurate impression of the colours and proportions.  I used the third image to create a striped pattern. 

It always surprises me when I upload photographs to the website how much it changes the way something looks.  I can see from the image above that the felt pen colour matching has not been successful at all in the left and middle examples however the yarn wraps are much more accurate.

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