Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sketchbook #4

I do struggle to work in my sketchbook regularly.  I think this is because I can't capture what I see and my drawings don't look like I expect them to.

There was a link on our OCA Facebook page to a series of drawing lessons on the Derwent website and I had a look at these.  I have found them really useful.  I have done two of the exercises on the Derwent website and I think it has improved my drawings.  Shoo Rayner - who teaches drawing and writes and illustrates children's books - is a great teacher.  He makes it really simple and explains things in a very easy to understand way.  

The first exercise was Shading 3D Objects and I produced this sketch following his instruction.

I then used these ideas to create this poppy seed head

and my tack (from a photograph)

The second exercise was Understanding Perspective for which I did this sketch

and then used the same method to sketch this stapler. 

I have also done a series of drawings using a fineline black pen to do the initial drawing and then I added colour using block paints watered right down.  I really like this way of drawing and think it will work well to get down on paper the things that inspire me.  I also like creating the colour blocks which creates an instant colour scheme to work from.

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