Thursday, 28 November 2013

Assignment 4 - Reflective Commentary

Time again to reflective back on the latest projects.

Did you have enough variety in your collection of yarns and other materials?
Yes I did have enough variety of yarns and other materials.  When I looked more closely at the collection of yarn I had, I realised that I had an example of most of the different varieties mentioned in the course material. 

Which kind of yarns, etc did you use most?
I tried to use as many different kinds of yarns as possible.  I haven't done any weaving before so didn't have a preference before hand. I do like working with yarns that have got slubs of unwoven wool followed by stretches that are more tightly woven.  I also really liked the result of using yarn that I had already crochet into a thread with bobbles and loops.

How do their characteristics affect the look and feel of each sample?
I like the way the slub yarn creates a very textured surface.  I don't think I have done enough weaving to analyse the feel of the fabric.  I can still only think of each exercise as a sample and not as a fabric to create something else.  I think the yarn I made by crocheting bobbles and loops made the most interesting surface that could have been worked onto further.

How did you find weaving in comparison to the other techniques you've tried?
I wasn't looking forward to the weaving exercises at all.  I have never done any weaving before and didn't have any equipment and weaving has never appealed to me.  However, I am pleased with the final sample I have created and will probably keep experimenting with different yarns.

Did you find it slow or too limiting?
I found the setting up of the loom quite laborious, but once I started weaving I didn't find it slow.  I didn't find it limiting but I wasn't trying to be too ambitious as this was my first attempt ever!

How do you feel about your finished sample?
I like my finished sample.  I think it has worked really well, there is shape and texture and I think it relates well to my original image inspiration.

Are you happy with the relationship of the textures, proportions, colour and pattern to the finished size?  I like the colours and textures and think the proportions are good.  The colours are not quite right, because I didn't realise at the start that I could really use any yarn, I thought it had to be strong.

Is there any part that you would want to change?
The only thing I would change is the colour.  I would have liked it to be more pink, but I think the colours I have used work well together but are not quite pink enough.  I didn't realise at the start that I could really use any type of yarn for the weaving, I thought it had to be strong and smooth.  I would just look for the colours I wanted to use.

Was there any stage in the whole design process that you felt went wrong?
The only thing I didn't do was make a detailed plan of how I was going to do the weaving.  I just did it as I went along and tried different ideas which seemed to work and look like I wanted them to look.  This was more luck than good planning, but as I didn't know what I could do I couldn't really plan it and had to just go with the flow.

How would you tackle this process differently another time?
The only way to tackle this would be to do a lot more weaving exercises so that I know what effects can be achieved and then know from the start what effects I was trying to create.

Which did you enjoy more - working from the source material or putting colours together intuitively and why?
I enjoyed putting colours together intuitively more, although I am always surprised by the outcomes of the exercises in the source material.  The paper weavings, which I have done plenty of in the past, produces some really good ideas to work from.  I do find that once I have got the colours onto a yarn wrap then I am able to focus better on the colours I am going to use.

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