Thursday, 9 May 2013

Assignment 3 - Reflective Commentary

It is again time to reflective on my progress so far.  I have enjoyed working on this assignment, but once again life seems to encroach on my time and it has taken me far longer than I anticipated.

I have worked on samples using techniques that I have never tried before - smoking and furrowing.  I preferred doing the smoking on the check fabric so that I didn't have to mark the grid on the reverse of the fabric.  

I have decided that I am not a very neat person, but am definitely a colour and texture person.  I love creating texture and colour - with layers of sheer fabric and with lots of stitching.  I think the running stitch background on both of the final sample pieces has worked really well.  This is something I will be using again.

I have found drawing in a sketchbook very difficult this time and I am really going to have to concentrate on doing more drawing for the next assignment.  

I am really looking forward to starting Project 7.  It has been difficult to settle on a final topic, but I think now that I have decided to use my garden as inspiration.

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