Thursday, 9 May 2013

Project 7


This has been going around in my head for a long time now.  I have had lots of ideas - but didn't seem to be able to decide what to choose.  I had a look back through some old exam papers at night-school and noted down any starting point ideas that appealed to me.

I sat down and wrote down everything in my life and did a brain-storm with ideas - but I just kept coming back to the idea of my garden.  I live in a beautiful rural part of mid-Wales and my garden is not necessarily full of flowers but it is full of inspiration, so I have chosen that as subject for my theme book.

I have recently purchased two book by Frances Pickering and found her work very inspirational.  I am going to experiment with some of her techniques and see where it leads.

Lots and lots of inspiration - through the seasons - shapes - seed heads - textures - forms - colours - line - endless ideas - can't wait to get started.

I also created a Pinterest Board to collect ideas for Assignment 5.

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