Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Art Class Wednesdays #1

I go to evening classes, every Wednesday at the local high school.  These are very informal classes, just a group of friends getting together to enjoy cake and cuppa really.  However, it does give us the chance to try out different techniques and to use equipment that we don't have at home.

These are some of drawings I have done whilst at these classes.

Pointillism - using the block paints quite watery, I had a go at drawing a dead leaf using the pointillist technique.  I wasn't looking forward to doing this at all, I have only every tried pointillism with a pen and find it very labourious, but using paint and a brush was much more successful and I like the idea of making a palette of colours, as I go along, as they are used.  I think this would be very useful for matching fabric and threads to develop the work into a textile piece.

Ink and Dip Pen - this is always a favourite medium to work in.  I used the ink and a scratchy dip pen to draw the poppy and shell shape, then used watery ink to add the washes.  I like how the shell and the large poppy head have turned out.

Indian Ink and Dip Pen - this time we tried Indian ink and a dip pen, which is quite nice to draw with, I like it when it blobs and the finish is quite shiny.

Mono-prints- great class today - working on mono-prints.  

I put purple printing ink onto a glass sheet and rolled it until I had a evenly covered square of ink.  I then blotted this lightly with a sheet of sugar paper.  

With a sheet of cartridge paper over the ink I drew shell shapes - firstly with a blue softish pencil, which was quite difficult to work with and I had to press on the paper really hard, then with a red Biro - which created a better print and was a lot easier to work with.

I liked the way the prints turned out, lots of inspirational images to work with.  I liked the drawings as well, so I photocopied these so that I could use these to work from as well.  The next image are my favourites that I think have worked well as drawings and prints.

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