Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Project 2 - Stage 3

A Sample
I chose my leaf skeleton sketch to work from.
I wanted to create a piece that was delicate but also gave the feeling of decay.  I chose different lightweight black fabrics (lace, net, chiffon, organza) and used a stem stitch to sew them together along the vein lines of the leaf.  I then burnt these using the heat from a candle flame. 

Then using various shades of black and grey thread I stitched the fabric to a pale brown silk background, that looked similar to my water washed colour.  I used seed stitch to fill in a few areas and burnt a few more areas and the stem.  The flame just caught the silk and has left a burn mark, which I will have to be careful about if I use this method again.

I am happy with how the piece has turned out.  On reflection however I wouldn't choose black fabric to work with, but something more washed-out; grey or brown.  I chose black because I had sketched with a black gel pen, but having looked again at the actual leaf skeleton, I think it would have been better in lighter colours. Over-stitched, soluble fabric would probably have given a good effect for the decay as well.

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