Sunday, 20 May 2012

Project 2 - Stage 5

Stitches To Create Texture

I started this exercise by working with a pale green embroidery thread and tried various combinations of stitches.  The block of satin stitch squares really show the difference that the stitch direction/light can have on the colour, it gives the effect of a chequerboard.  On the leaf it gives a different shade to each side of the leaf.

French knots give a really good covering and interesting surface when close together, but are also good more spaced out.  Stem stitch is also good for filling in shapes, and gives a good surface coverage.  I tried the herringbone stitch and blanket stitch, random lengths, shapes and coverage.

I then tried different weights of threads and also couching different types of wool - knobbly chunky, slubby and eyelash.

The blocks of stem stitch gave the same effect as the satin stitch.  Two different shades from the same thread.  I also tried the same stitch with a random effect thread.  I tried the satin stitch blocks in various threads.   The block of French knots worked really well, good for shading.  I also tried the blanket stitch, over-sewed with different weights of thread - which gave a good coverage and would be good for shading.  I tried sewing with a ribbon yarn which was quite awkward, but gave a really interesting surface.  I also tried couching down thicker yarns, which effect I really like.

I then tried all sorts of different media, I used a coarse linen for the background.

Patterned tights - this gives a nice effect but I cut it too thin and it kept breaking, it might be better to couch it.
Ribbon yarn - laid flat on the fabric and caught down with tiny stitches.  I really like how this worked out, the texture and the colours.
Various ribbons - nice and chunky effect
Video tape - easy to sew with, shiny without glitter. 
Net, leather & raffia - all fairly easy to sew with and give good chunky effects
Plarn - made from a plastic bag, easy to sew with, matt finish
String - quite difficult to sew with, used stem stitch, chunky and matt.  The string defiantly sits on top of the fabric.
T-shirt yarn - I made the first one too thin, which stretched very thin when I stitched with it, so I tried again, cutting it wider, which gave good surface coverage.  
Leather strip - ruffled and stitched down with small stitches.
Couched piece of red net and some unspun wool.  I tried working some French knots over the top of the couching.  
I also tried some French knots over a piece of silver net and then over some sequin waste.

I then tried lots of these different techniques and ideas out and put them onto the mood boards for Stage 4.

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