Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sketchbook #2

A few more pages from my sketchbook.

Quick sketch to see what different stitches could be used to re-create this gerbera.

Based on grasses growing  near the barn.

Close-up detail of the rhubarb drawing, I love these colours.

Little sketches using Inktense pencils based on one of my photographs.  I had chosen the plants initially because of the coral flowers against the green leaves and the dark leaves with the light coloured veins against the beautiful red and green leaves.

Pencil drawing of a tennis ball and golf ball.

On the left is a biro drawing I did in my lunch break, I then recreated it with gel pen and a pale wash.

This is my first ever attempt at drawing someone.  My son was sat on the sofa so I just used an advert that had fallen out of a magazine and a biro that was on the coffee table.  I was sorry afterwards that I hadn't found a blank sheet of paper, but I was only looking at his hood to start with, then just kept doing a bit more and a bit more .... until dinner was ready!

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