Saturday, 19 May 2012

Photography #1


Lines & colours in the rocks on Anglesey

Stacked coping stones - lovely aged colours and textures

Stocked Roofing Slates

Horse shoes - waiting to be finished


Thistles - very spiky

All the beautiful colours of Welsh slate

Very unusual tree bark

Thick, woolly, curly coat

Don't know what this is growing on an old fallen tree.  
Think it might develop into Turkey Tail

Horseshoe nails - very sharp

Light & Shade


Welsh Slate Museum

Honesty in the evening sunlight



Key - the pink is reflected from my camera

Colours from the sunlight shining through the stained glass windows - Prague

Lake Vyrnwy

Looking Up

Fantastic lines of an old A-Frame barn

Looking Down

Looking Through

Looking Into The Distance


Striking colour combination

 Love this orange and green


Line of taxis in Prague 

 Beautiful decorated glass bottles - Prague

Slate fence - National Slate Muesum

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  1. I just found your learning blog via the OCA student website (I am on the same course). I love these photos - especially the horse shoes and the pink frill of fungus - you have a really good eye.