Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Project 2 - Stage 4

Preparing To Create Texture
I looked back through my work and my sketchbook and chose six drawings to work from, and decided to create a small mood board for each one.

1.  The first one was an image of a piece of ceramic work covered with blue swirls.  I did a quick sketch using Derwent Inktense Pencils.  I chose some fabrics and threads.  Using the printed linen, I made a small sample using chain stitch to create the swirls.  I think this would also work well with couching.

2.  The next example was a photograph I took of a piece of bark with some kind of fungus growing on it.  I chose some brown linen to work on and selected some different weights of thread and wool.  I used the ribbon wool and couched it down onto the fabric then filled it in with some chain stitch.  I used some net and french knots in various weights of thread for the fungus.  This piece didn't work as well as I had hoped.  The couched ribbon got lost under the rows of chain stitch, and I don't think the funghus was prominent enough.  The piece was also quite delicate and I think it needed to be a lot bolder.

3.  For the third piece I used a drawing from my sketchbook of a pepper.  I like this drawing and thought it would lend itself to a simple stem stitch shading,  I chose thread based on the colours of the pencils I used in the drawing, then selected a range of fabrics and papers in the same range of colours.  When it came to working the sample I found an old striped scarf and decided to try that instead of the shading.  I crinkled it up and stitched it down using a simple running stitch.   I like the effect but it doesn't really portray the smoothness of the pepper, and although I like the effect it created I think my original idea of the stem stitch shading would have been more appropriate.

4.  The fourth image I chose to work from was a quarter of a sketch based on a gerbera.  I chose fabrics and threads then did a small sample using stem stitch as shading - using two strands of thread, mixing the two colours in between.  I then tried stitching different fabrics down, using different colours of thread.  I like this and think this would definitely work to produce a really good shaded piece.

5.  The fifth piece is based on my biro drawing of the mushroom gills.  I picked out some black, white, grey and silver thread and a range of fabrics in similar colours.  I used a piece of grey organza as a background and couched pieces of the fabric onto it.  I like how this piece has turned out, although a bit of restraint was perhaps needed.  If I was going to develop this piece I would probably just stick to using net and organza.  I would also like to try drawing the gills with batik and then work onto that.

6.  The last piece is based on my drawing of a dried orange slice.  I again chose a range of fabrics and threads based on the colours in my drawing.  I made a small sample by cutting small pieces of all the fabrics and stretching a piece of net over the top. I stitched the net down using stem stitch.  I created the edge using a random cross stitch.  I tried two different techniques on the orange flesh.  One was seed stitch and the other was rows of loose chain stitch.  I decided not to use black thread and I thought it detracted from the lovely orange colour too much.

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