Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sketchbook #3

These are two quick sketches I did in my lunch break.  The first one is yoghurt pots, drawn with a biro on an old envelope.  It looked a bit weak so I went over it with oil pastels.

This is another biro drawing from a photograph of a marionette that I took whilst I was in Prague.  I like how this has turned out and especially the shading around the edge of the face.

Playing with machine stitching.  I used a very heavy fabric so that I didn't need a hoop.  Just tried to draw a kettle, then added some ink colouring.

Black pen and watered down block paint wash.  These were copied from some drawings, but I can't remember who they were by originally.

I had drawn some feathers with Indian ink, but I had used both sides of the paper.  These little snippets were what was left after I had cut out the better feather drawings.  I decided to stick them down in a collage, and added some colour with washable felt tip pens, which I then went over with water on a flat brush.  I like how these have turned out and am going to try the washable felt pens and water again.

Two more quick lunch break sketches inspired by the Astronomical Clock in Prague.  The first one is biro on an old envelope, the second one I tried sticking down different papers before I did the biro sketch.  I don't think either of these is very good, but will be trying the different papers idea again.

More playing around with the machine just to see what different ideas looked like.  Thick base fabric so that no hoop was needed.

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